The Storm King School is a member of the New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA). Students in the music program expand their appreciation of musical traditions and influences through creation, practice, study and performance. The Music Arts curriculum features the fundamentals of music in theory and practice. Melody, harmony, rhythm, and form constitute the building blocks. We study ear training, transcription, composition, orchestration, analysis, melody writing, counterpoint, and more, through individual personalized sessions and group seminars. Students read music, compose their own songs, explore different instruments, and learn to distinguish among musical periods and styles from antiquity to the present day, passing through the middle ages, the 16th century, all the classics and romantics, the 20th century, “popular” and “folk” music from across the globe — all in an effort to better understand each student’s personal means of musical expression.

Students’ work is performed on both formal and informal concerts and every effort is made to produce near professional recordings. Students have the opportunity to provide soundtracks and may work with dancers, poets, playwrights and more. The goal of the classes is to gain the techniques to create music which has life and speaks to each individual students personal passions, unconfined by genre or style and truly expressive of the students’ soul.



Music Curriculum

Music Faculty

Martin Smith, Music Teacher

Josh Cergas, Film Scoring

Roger Cohen, Drums

Rachel Evans, Strings


Peter Furlan, Woodwinds

Burr Johnson, Guitar

Gabriela Mikova-Johnson, Voice

John Reid, Brass