Grateful Recognition of Philanthropy

Annual Report 2020-21

"The reason I give is so that other Storm King School students have the same opportunity that I was given.

I want others to avoid going through some of the challenges that I did before finding SKS. I am deeply grateful for the chance I got at SKS. I love Storm King School. That is why I give."

- Michael Fischer '82

"I come from a long line of Storm King School students. My mom, two of my aunts, and cousins all attended. That is one of the reasons why I give, to continue our family legacy- a legacy that I hope will continue for generations to come."

 - Madison Sergi '14

“After two years at SKS, I was no longer lost. I established lifelong friendships, including with my educators and mentors. I gained an understanding of the value of accomplishment. I gained the self-confidence that comes from doing things myself, rather than because my parents told me to. I earned the respect of my peers. I held myself to a higher standard. And I carry these measures of success with me every day.”

- Ross Sober '92