The Storm King School is deliberate in making the student-teacher relationship the heart and center of the work we do. Every part of our program, each class, team, club, and weekend activity is an extension of this purpose and the tools we use to accomplish it. In doing this, we continue a tradition of teaching and learning that extends back to the school’s founding in 1867.

Our teachers are dedicated to developing not just academic knowledge but also the habits, traits and characteristics each young person needs to use that knowledge to reach their own dreams.

Storm King is an innovative place where students see themselves as world citizens. We are preparing them for the 21st century through a personalized and challenging academic curriculum, through a variety of programs in the arts and athletics, and through opportunities for leadership and community service.

Often, our students leave the traditional classroom to take advantage of the Hudson Valley's and New York City’s extraordinary cultural and educational opportunities.

Committed to service, students participate in at least 20 hrs of community service project every year. Our students contribute significantly through student government, publications and their participation in co-curricular programs.

Believers in physical fitness and the benefits of team and individual sports, Storm King students have the opportunity to choose from 20 interscholastic athletic activities and compete in interscholastic competition throughout New York State and New England.

Our small class size encourages our students to pursue a wide range of interests and to take active responsibility for the well-being and growth of our school community. Every student is empowered to participate in the creation of a caring and engaging community of learners.


Harold Heno

Dean of Academics