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Signature Programs

In an effort to support our mission of preparing students for college life and beyond, we have instituted approaches to learning that are proven to add depth and breadth to the secondary school curriculum. These include interdisciplinary courses, experiential education, project-based learning and a student-centered approach in the classroom, as well as global travel opportunities.

The signature programs endow our students with creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, social and cross-cultural skills, flexibility/adaptability, leadership and responsibility – the skills they need in life.

The Q-Term is a short, intensive course that provides Storm King faculty and students a chance to explore more deeply subject matter for which they have a particular passion and curiosity. It is a mutual quest for knowledge, outside of the regular weekly schedule and usually, outside of the classroom.


The Capstone Project is a voluntary, independent research project begun in the spring of the junior year and completed in the fall of the senior year. The capstone project synthesizes learning from previously completed courses while focusing on our bedrock Skills for Knowledge and Success (S.K.S.). These 21st Century skills are: Strategic reading, writing, research, problem solving, technological proficiency, collaboration, and oral presentation skills.

Interested students apply for admission into the capstone program by proposing a project and demonstrating academic proficiency, effort, and character. Required elements of the capstone project include a research paper, blog/journal, and oral presentation. Students are also required to incorporate summer fieldwork and may choose to create products or events as elements of their projects.

While the work is largely independent, participating students will be guided through the process by a course instructor as well as “experts,” who are faculty or community mentors with project specific knowledge.

The Cornerstone Project is a large-scale research assignment for 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th graders, which synthesizes learning from other courses and demonstrates their command of S.K.S. (Skills for Knowledge and Success) in a real-world context. Cornerstone projects may be completed within one academic year, or may carry over into succeeding years.

The S.K.S. emphasis in these projects are: strategic reading, writing, research, problem solving, technological proficiency, collaboration, and oral presentation skills.

Students may work on projects individually or in groups of no more than 3 students. Some portions of the projects may be completed individually (e.g. journal entries, reflection pieces, portfolio), and some together (e.g. bibliography/research).

Advisors for capstone/cornerstone projects may be any member of the Storm King faculty or administration. If a faculty member is not approached by a student to be a project advisor, he or she may be asked to assist another faculty member who has a multitude of projects.

Projects are to be presented at the Cornerstone/Capstone Fair scheduled to be held the last week of the academic year.

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