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In the Foreign Languages department at The Storm King School, equal emphasis is placed on oral proficiency, competency in written expression and cultural literacy. First and second levels stress rapid acquisition of vocabulary, fundamental grammatical skills, and cultural awareness. Third-year courses provide a comprehensive review of grammatical structures and an introduction to reading and composition. Fourth-year courses are usually devoted to the development of oral proficiency and literary skills. In the fifth and sixth level courses, students delve into the literature originally written in the language they are studying.

Classes Offered

(typically taken by eighth graders)

The World Languages course is an experience that traverses three culturally unique languages—American Sign Language, Chinese, and Spanish—whose influences, applications, and diversity have had a tremendous impact across the globe. During each of the three trimesters, 8th grade students will have the opportunity to experience one of these languages and discover the excitement and rigor that each has to offer. The course creates an intensive, multicultural, cross-classroom approach that challenges students to examine the fundamentals of language through its cultural origins as well as ask questions about the nature of language and its usage. Along with preparing students for the intensity of a prep school language curriculum, World Languages parallels the school’s mission to immerse all students in a community that emphasizes personal experience and discovery.

This course is meant to give students a command of basic Spanish grammar and language structure as well as knowledge of a variety of Hispanic cultures. The class is also designed to give ample practice in the four important skill areas in learning a language: speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing. Students will enhance their command of the Spanish language through listening exercises, homework, quizzes and tests, and short writing and reading assignments. Also, activities will expand understanding of Hispanic cultures through Spanish language films and music, group projects, and current news from the Spanish speaking world.

Texts: Realidades 1 Textbook and Realidades 1 Practice Workbook Pearson Prentice Hall

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