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Dress Code

The Storm King School’s dress code exists to unify the student body in general appearance. Every Storm King student is subject to the same set of expectations detailed below. The code also exists to elevate the aesthetic on campus and to heighten our collective academic focus. 


All students will be required to wear a navy blue blazer to school daily. Students must purchase their own blazers. The SKS crest is not required on the blazer. As an alternative, students may wear an SKS sweater as outerwear. SKS sweaters, purchased through our clothing provider and our school store, come in navy or gray colors, and include the SKS crest.

During the winter months (December/January/February), students are permitted to substitute an SKS sweatshirt (purchased in the school store or through an athletic team or activity) instead of the blazer or sweater as their outerwear. Only SKS sweatshirts are permitted. Coats or jackets may be worn, but must be taken off when entering any classroom. No other outerwear is permitted. 

All students are required to wear a collared shirt tucked into their pants or skirts. The shirt may be an oxford (full button-up), polo, or collared blouse. Dress code shirts may be long-sleeve or short-sleeve. Acceptable colors are white, navy blue, or light blue. Dress code shirts may have the SKS logo, but are not required to have the logo. No oversize brand logos are acceptable. 

Ties are required to be worn by both male and female students. Ties of any color are acceptable.


Pants must be navy or khaki colored in a straight-leg chino style, appropriately fitted, with shirts tucked in. Capri pants may be worn. Students are not permitted to wear denim jeans, leggings, yoga pants, or jeggings.

Shorts may be worn before the Thanksgiving Break and after the Spring Break. They must be in the chino-style and solid navy or khaki colored. The hem of the shorts must fall no higher than 2” above the knee. Cargo shorts
are not permitted.

Skirts/skorts must be navy, khaki, or SKS plaid, and appropriately fitted. The hem must fall no higher than 2” above the knee. Leggings/tights may be worn under skirts. Permissible colors of the leggings/tights include navy, nude,
white, and black.

Formal Dress

Thursdays will be designated formal dress days every week, and students will be required to wear a tie with their blazers to school and to the All-School dinner and evening event.


Students should be able to transition easily from interior spaces to our outdoor pathways and classrooms. The weather and school schedule often impacts what footwear is appropriate on any given day. Therefore, the following types of footwear are permissible:

  • Dress shoes, boots, work shoes, hiking, or sneakers
  • Sneakers must be solid-colored, with no oversize logos, in white, brown, black, beige, or navy
Not Permitted
  • List of Clothing that is not acceptable on campus at any time:
  • Shirts that expose the chest or midriff
  • Clothing that displays any offensive or derogatory language or imagery
  • Clothing that references Drugs/Alcohol
  • Clothing that displays violent imagery

Shirts must be worn at all times, even during sports practices.

To order clothing with the official Storm King Logo:

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