The mathematics program at The Storm King School develops the approaches, skills and ideas that will enable students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Our students learn how to solve mathematical problems through an assortment of strategies, how to communicate their solutions clearly, how to work effectively on projects with their peers, and how to use technology.

After thorough evaluation, students are placed at a level of mathematics that will provide them with appropriate challenges and successes. Many first-year students will begin with Pre-Algebra in the 8th grade and Algebra I in 9th grade, before moving on to Algebra II. Geometry must be completed prior to taking any more advanced math classes, such as Precalculus or Calculus.

Classes Offered

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Tim Lance
Dr. Tim LanceMath Department Chair; Math Teacher; Dean of Academics
James Bennett
James BennettMath Teacher; Assistant Dean of Students & Residential Life
Joseph Graziosi
Joseph GraziosiAcademic Support Program - Math & Science Teacher; Director of Athletics
Jeanette McMahon
Jeanette McMahonMath Teacher
Lindsey Plummer
Lindsey PlummerMath & Science Teacher
Daniel Stapleford
Daniel StaplefordMath Teacher

Videos from the Classroom