Why SKS?


Exceptional Educators

Our faculty members are passionate about what they do, and masters of their content areas. They carefully design curriculum to push each student to their maximum potential, while expanding their educational opportunities both in and out of the classroom, preparing them for a world driven by exponential change.

The majority of our faculty members have chosen not only to teach at Storm King, but also to call Storm King their home. Some 65 percent of teachers and staff live on campus, and those who don’t live on-site still share meals with students, coach sports teams, lead co-curricular activities, and build relationships with their students that extend beyond the classroom.

Our School community fosters a unique connection between students and teachers, making learning less of an academic pursuit and more a part of real life. Discussions that begin during class continue in the dining hall, on the playing field, and in the dormitory. Because Storm King teachers come to know the whole person, not just the student they see in class, they are able to advise students on a more personal level. Students, in turn, see their teachers as adults they can trust, not just the people who admi