Let us take you back in time, to revisit our School’s rich and varied history in a three part series leading up to our 150th year. Please join us on this historical journey. It is our history, after all, that makes us the exceptional educational institution we are today. And it will be our history that carries the School and its students through the 21st century and beyond.

Part I 

THE EARLY YEARS: 1867-1927 Cornwall Heights to The Stone School

Part II

THE MIDDLE YEARS: 1917-1967 The Great War to our Centennial

Part III

OUR LAST FIFTY YEARS: 1967-2018 Millennium to the Sesquicentennial

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Our Founding Father Dr. Louis P. Ledoux

A brief autobiography of Rev. Louis P. Ledoux, D.D. compiled by his wife, Katherine R. Ledoux, in hopes of preserving the memory of her late husband for her grandchildren.


1935 was the year SKS adopted Margaret Clark’s original emblem as the official school crest. Margaret, the School’s first female faculty member, retired from Storm King in 1938 after 44  remarkable years of service. Her legacy is honored annually with the presentation of the Miss Margaret Clark Faculty Excellence Award to deserving, former Storm king School teachers.


The Storm King School shield is the primary graphic in our identity system.
It draws from our historic roots and features these elements:

The Crown The School’s name is represented by the crown which is made
for a king and capped by bolts of lightening representing a storm.

The Key A traditional symbol of access, knowledge and guardianship. Storm King offers each student the key to open the Book of Knowledge.

The Lamp and the Book of Knowledge Light has always been associated with knowledge, and for centuries a lighted oil lamp has been used as a symbol for academic learning. In our shield the lamp is illuminating the
Book of Knowledge, enabling students to understand the book. 

Ten Circles represent the coins with which the vassals of an English Duke of Cornwall ransomed him from the Saracens. Cornwall-on-Hudson takes its name from the Duke’s title.

Feathers represent the aspiration of the shield’s bearer. Here, they stand for truth, respect, and responsibility—core values that are instilled into all Storm King Students.

Three rectangles and the bent bar These elements were inspired by emblems from Harriet Bristol Stone’s coat of arms. Mrs. Stone was married to Headmaster Dr. Carlos Stone, together they lived on the Mountain from 1887 to 1916.