Student Life

Julia Carrano

Welcome all students and parents,

The residential experience at Storm King is designed to educate the ‘whole student’ both inside and outside of the classroom. Each student becomes a part of our vibrant school community through engaging evening and weekend activities, service learning opportunities, arts and cultural trips, hiking in the nearby forest, and so much more. Inside the dorms, students enjoy a supportive, family-like atmosphere where they can rest, study, and build lifelong friendships. Impromptu study sessions, pizza parties, and lots of laughter are only some of the highlights of dorm life.

Students living on campus also have the chance to get to know their teachers better because most faculty members also live here. Each dormitory has at least two faculty apartments and many faculty members are active as dorm parents, advisors, activity leaders, and coaches. Whether it is a question about homework, learning a skill, or a heart-to-heart chat, students always have faculty members available to support them.

Here at The Storm King School, our student life program focuses on individual development. We believe that young people learn best in a safe and supportive environment, and we challenge our students to further improve every day. Please take a closer look at the exciting activities and opportunities we have to offer and feel free to contact us with any questions. See you on the Mountain!

Julia Carrano

Leadership Opportunities

The Storm King School recognizes the importance of developing leadership skills among our student population. Consequently, there are several opportunities for students to hold leadership positions. In addition to the official positions listed below, we expect students to emerge as leaders in classrooms, as captains on the athletic fields, and as leaders in all the activities we endeavor to tackle.

Resident Assistants aid faculty dormparents in running dormitories. They are returning members of the School who apply for a one-year position in the Spring. RAs serve as the heads of each residential group (called families) and assist the administration in maintaining accountability for their groups. Residential duties for RAs include facilitating with evening check-in, enforcing rules, and modeling appropriate behavior at all times.
These students function in a manner similar to the RAs, without the residential responsibilities. Day student leaders also serve a one-year term and are chosen each spring.
Students may run for one of five seats on the Leadership Council. These five seats are filled by two members of the senior class, two members of the junior class, and one member of the sophomore class. Elections are held early in the school year. These five individuals are joined by two students appointed by the dean of students as they represent the student body and meet regularly with administrators with the purpose of improving the work we do at SKS.
Students may run for one of four positions on the Judicial Committee. These students are voting members who participate in important discipline hearings throughout the year. Two boys and two girls are elected early each fall.

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