Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements include 20 academic credits in these areas

English — 4

History — 4
(Including 1 credit of American History for students attending SKS prior to senior year)

Mathematics — 3*

Science — 3*

*Math/Science Elective — 1
(Students are expected to earn a 4th credit of either math or science)

Foreign Language — 2
(Except for language exempt students or those who have a native language other than English)

Additional credits — 3
(These credits can be earned in fine arts or other academic areas.)

Total —   20

Additional Requirements

(Equivalent of one course in each area) Students who attend Storm King in grades 8-12 are expected to meet both a visual and performing arts requirement. This can be accomplished by taking a class in each area, but also through a number of other means. One student might be active throughout the year in the theatre program; another might come as an accomplished guitar player or vocalist and perform frequently at school events; a third might have experience as a photographer and contribute significantly to school publications. Faculty and activity Advisors will determine whether students have met the criteria for this requirement. Students who enter Storm King after their sophomore year are only required to meet or earn one credit in visual or performing arts.

visual & Performing Arts

Students are required to participate in after school activities each term. Because students in grades 9-12 meet their physical education credit through our after school athletics program, two seasons of a physical activity are required. These include: interscholastic and club sports, outdoor activities, dance, and other physical activities.

Our Health Program is delivered through our student and residential life curriculum, which includes a speaker series on key health topics, specific Advisor discussion topics, and presentations by coaches and teachers. This program may, on occasion, include regular or online classes and testing.

Each student is required to complete 20 hours of community service per year.

For information on Service Learning at The Storm King School please contact Ben Harnick, Director of Service Learning & Summer Programs at

The records of students who enter Storm King in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade will be reviewed to determine what credits remain to be completed for graduation.

Examinations and College Applications

All students in the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th grades take the PSAT each year

All students are required to take the SAT I in the spring of their 11th grade year and in the fall of their 12th grade year; Other dates are available for the SAT I and II; Students may also take the ACT

All seniors must apply to at least two colleges, unless accepted to their first choice through early decision

College Counseling