How big can you dream?

The Storm King School is the place for students who want to forge their own paths, explore their dreams, and discover their future potential. Here, students clarify their goals and ambitions, and then formulate the plans and acquire the skills that will make their goals a reality.

Students Clubs Get Underway at SKS

September 20th, 2019|Activities, Miscellaneous|

  Extracurricular clubs and the vibrant student life offered at The Storm King School go hand in hand. Whether offered by the School or organized by the students themselves, clubs provide opportunities for self-expression, discovering new passions, developing leadership skills, meeting like-minded peers, and having fun. This year, the roster of academic, social, and recreational clubs proposed by our students was revealed with the help of the Student Council. On Thursday, September 19, the student-coordinators [...]

Staying Social

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