How big can you dream?

The Storm King School is the place for students who want to forge their own paths, explore their dreams, and discover their future potential. Here, students clarify their goals and ambitions, and then formulate the plans and acquire the skills that will make their goals a reality.

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  • Advice from Alumni

    My time at Storm King has left a very positive and everlasting impression on me. I had terrific, demanding, supportive, and engaging teachers with sharp and precise minds, and great mentors who held high bars for us by challenging us regularly and positively. One of the aspects of SKS he also valued was the willingness of the students and staff to celebrate uniqueness and help each student grow in their own way.

    Massoud Amin ’79, Director of the Technological Leadership Institute, University of Minnesota

    I live in Los Angeles and work as a television writer. Although I only spent three short years at Storm King, I believe they were very influential in defining who I am today and how I have lived my life. I gained a love of the outdoors playing soccer on the upper field overlooking the Hudson River, and having spent a lot of time climbing on the Mountain and running in Black Rock Forest. I had teachers who were both mentors and friends and who were invested in my growth on both academic and personal levels. That kind of support is invaluable and I feel very grateful for having had the experience. I made great friends at Storm King, and in my 50th decade, I find it incredible how close I still feel to them. Life at Storm King taught me how to live independently and to think for myself. There were set rules to live by, but we were given the room to make decisions for ourselves, from class schedules, to sports, to what we would do for recreation. Much like college, it was a time for huge personal growth.

    Heather MacGillvray-Myman ’81, Professional Writer, currently writing for CBS’ Kevin Can Wait TV series

    When I reflect on my life, I realize I’ve been extremely fortunate for the myriad of situations and circumstances that a person emanating from my humble beginnings would normally never encounter. Starting with attending Storm King School, I learned principles that have been guideposts for me as I journey through life. These include how to be compassionate, how to live my life with integrity, and how to live life with passion. These fundamental lessons have served me well. But, perhaps the most important influence SKS has had on me is the lifelong connection to the School, my classmates, and the faculty and alumni who are pillars of support to me whenever I need them. I wouldn’t exchange one moment of my connection to SKS for anything.

    The Honorable Harold E. Kennedy ’73, Dartmouth College, BA Texas Southern University, Juris Doctorate

    This is a really phenomenal place to be…Don’t miss out on what’s in front of you [and] cherish these years. Storm King is where I learned to study, I learned how to be me.

    Mike Sloan ’77, University of Chicago

    I would not trade my experience on the Mountain for the world. It has made me strong, outgoing, worldly, and malleable to change. Those are the very qualities that make me successful at my job in the Air Force. I have the utmost honor and privilege to say that I get up every day and play a large part in keeping our home safe. As I complete each task put in front of me, I always remember my roots and feel so much gratitude towards SKS for helping me get to where I am today.

    Gabby Garcia ’16, Air Force

    At Storm King, you have many opportunities. Get involved and try new things. I took a computer science class which sparked my passion for programming, and that is what I am now pursing in college. I also played several sports and participated in theater.

    Taehan Lee ’16, Carnegie Mellon University

    Storm King helped to foster my interest in international affairs. The professors always challenged us to be independent thinkers and nurtured our inquisitive side. I am a beneficiary of the academic freedom that SKS professors enjoyed that allowed them to not shy away from subject matter that could prove to be controversial.

    Tyresse Horne ’83, Lawyer