Extracurricular clubs and the vibrant student life offered at The Storm King School go hand in hand. Whether offered by the School or organized by the students themselves, clubs provide opportunities for self-expression, discovering new passions, developing leadership skills, meeting like-minded peers, and having fun.

This year, the roster of academic, social, and recreational clubs proposed by our students was revealed with the help of the Student Council. On Thursday, September 19, the student-coordinators of each club presented to the rest of the community in the hopes of gaining new members. Alongside ever-popular clubs like the Model UN, the Builder’s Club, the Intersectional Feminism Club (IFC), the SKS Green Team, and the Spanish Club, several students are heading engaging clubs this year.



For the science and math-minded, seniors Jae Hyun Kim and June Young Phillip Jang are offering a STEM Club (formerly known as the Academic Competition Club). “Students who join us will be able to practice their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills and compete in national contests including the USA Computing Olympiad, AMC 10/12 Math, and other modeling, coding, and physics competitions,” explained Jae. “If you are scared to join, don’t be. The STEM Club is a flexible club, where you can learn about the topics you want, and enter the academic competitions you want. It will be a no-pressure, fun way to work on our STEM skills together.”

In an appeal to fellow art enthusiasts, senior Huanran Dorothy Mao presented the Art Adventures Club. “To join this club, you don’t have to be an artist, you just have to like art,” she explained. “When we meet, we will talk about art, share art, and have the chance to see lots of great art. Last year we took some great trips to galleries, museums, and artists’ locations in New York City and this year we will do even more.”

Other engaging clubs include freshman Angelynna Guzman’s Society of Muggles, the Black Student Union organized by seniors Guy-Paul Delisfort and Jordan Golding, Matthew Pelton’s Music Appreciation Club, and an Acapella Club offered by seniors Morgan Papera and Amelia Douches. Another group to watch this year is the Student Menu Committee, also headed by Morgan Papera. Students who join the committee will have the chance to meet weekly with Chef Andrew and the dining hall staff to talk about food, look at the suggestion box, and be involved in creating the School’s weekly menus.



2019-2020 Student Clubs & Committees

Model UN

Peer Tutors

Student Judicial Committee

Student Menu Committee

Intersectional Feminism Club

Football (soccer) Club

SKS Green Team

SKS Cheer Club


Art Adventures Club

Music Appreciation Club

Acapella Club

Spanish Club

Builder’s Club

Society of Muggles

Black Student Union