“How can I get ready for the SAT?”  This is a question many students may be asking themselves as they get ready for the upcoming school year.  Director of College Counseling Marti Kwon has the answer ready for Storm King’s incoming juniors and seniors. “When I am asked this question, my response is always “It depends on you,” explains Mrs. Kwon. “If a student is willing to set aside time in their weekly schedule to study and review on their own, there are numerous resources available to them at little or no cost.  But, if they prefer a classroom setting or feel they do better working in study groups, then an SAT prep class might be their best option.”

According to Mrs. Kwon, SKS students will have both of these options to consider when it comes to test prep this year.  For example, Naviance, the School’s new college research and application program, includes an online interactive test prep module which students can access anytime through their Naviance accounts. The program features review lessons, practice questions, test strategies, and sample tests for students to work through at their own pace.  Students can get help using the system through the College Counseling Office.

During the fall semester, on-campus SAT prep classes will also be an option for students who prefer a classroom setting to prepare for the SAT.  Educational Services Center (ESC) will conduct an eight-session SAT/ACT course on Saturdays starting in early September for students planning to take the SAT in October, November, or December 2019.  The class includes 24 hours of classroom instruction and will cover test-taking strategies, content review, and test practice. Representatives from ESC will be on campus during orientation and registration in August to answer questions and assist with signing up.

“Standardized tests are an important part of the college application process, so it is worthwhile to devote some time and attention to getting ready for them,” continues Mrs. Kwon. “If students aren’t sure which options are the best for them, I encourage them to come and see me in the College Counseling Office so we can work together to find the best fit.”

Students and families who are interested in either of these options or who would like to sign up for fall prep courses can contact Mrs. Kwon or the College Counseling Office for more information.