Michael Hauser

History & Social Sciences Chair; History & Social Sciences Teacher
Coach, Girls Varsity Basketball
ph: 845.458.7562

BS, Engineering, United States Military Academy at West Point; MA, International Relations, University of Hawai’i; MEd., University of Oklahoma; MBA, Washington University, St. Louis

Mr. Hauser came to The Storm King School from the U.S. State Department where he led efforts in global maritime security, political-military strategy, ending piracy off the coast of Somalia, the European migration crisis and engagement with international organizations. Michael also served in the U.S. Foreign Service as the Economic and Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy Sierra Leone. He is a former Director of International Strategy for an agricultural biotechnology company, where he managed projects related to development, the environment, and business growth in Asia. Michael represented the International Chamber of Commerce as the Head of the Industry Delegation in the United Nations (UN) Convention on Biological Diversity and as member of industry delegations to the UN Convention on Climate Change and the World Trade Organization. A former U.S. Army enlisted soldier and officer, Infantry Lieutenant Colonel, and Army Attaché, Michael commanded in combat, led organizations from the tactical to senior levels, served in over 30 countries and worked in Embassies in Jakarta, Sarajevo and Singapore.