Toni Scherrer

Associate Director of Admissions
ph: 845.458.7536

Susan “Toni” Scherrer and her husband, Headmaster Jonathan Lamb, have been fortunate members of boarding school communities for more than 30 years. Prior to The Storm King School, Ms. Scherrer was first a social worker, and then taught math, English, science, social studies, and psychology. She and Mr. Lamb joined the Storm King community in 2010. She loves the thriving atmosphere, the talented faculty and students, and the amazingly beautiful environment at Storm King. Ms. Scherrer has also served in community venues from Girl Scout leader to Master Gardener to Judge of Elections. She and Mr. Lamb live in Spy Rock House and are proud grandparents and parents of two grown daughters, one a marine biologist and the other a bio-physicist.