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Graduation Requirements

To matriculate, students who enter school in 8th or 9th Grade must complete 20 credits in the following subjects and the additional requirements:


English:  4 credits

History:  4 credits

Mathematics: 3 credits*

Science: 3 credits*

*Math/Science Elective: 1 credit

(Students are expected to earn a 4th credit of either math or science)

Foreign Language: 2 credits

Additional credits: 3 credits in the Arts or other academic subjects


Total Required for Graduation: 20 credits


Community Service: 20 hours per year

Athletics:  Participation in at least two seasons of after-school athletics, outdoor clubs and activities or dance per year.

College Application: all seniors must apply to at least two colleges, unless accepted to their first choice through early decision.
Transcripts of students who enter Storm King in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade are evaluated individually to determine their remaining credit requirements for graduation.