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Boys Soccer: Thirteen Nations, Five Continents, One Team


One of the many great assets of a Storm King education is the cultural diversity throughout our campus.  The same holds true on the soccer pitch. Our soccer program is a living example of a social “melting-pot,” bringing many skills, styles, and languages together. This year is more diverse than ever with 13 different nations from five continents represented among the 25 boys on the team.



North America and the Caribbean have the greatest representation with seven American and four Mexican players. This group also includes one player each from the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, both of which are new nations represented in our program.  These groups bring a multiplicity of cultural backgrounds to the pitch and some different points of view.  For example, when practice was canceled due to a high heat index, Jordan Golding ‘20 from Jamaica insisted that it wasn’t too hot to play. Luis Sebastian Garrido Estrella ’19  from the Dominican Republic echoed the same sentiment.



South America is represented by Guillo Jouvin ’19  from Ecuador.  When he arrived on campus, he was very proud to see his nation’s flag hanging among the others in the dining hall.  Europe is represented by four players from Spain and one each from Italy and Russia.  Asia is represented by players from China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan and Africa by one player from Nigeria.



While there are many challenges to overcome within such a diverse group of young men, Storm King’s soccer program brings to light the exquisiteness of the game and a mutual drive to be successful from the boys who love to play. At the same time, the joy of coaching and mentoring them comes from seeing their collective passion realized and personified in the elegance of the game.  When you see Storm King play a “football” match, you will understand the true beauty of the sport.


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