After a week of campaigning, the results of last week’s elections for the 2019-2020 Student Council were announced at an All School Meeting on Tuesday, April 16. Following a brief introduction by faculty member David Mendlewski, who thanked all of the candidates and congratulated them for their campaign efforts, the representatives for grades 9-11 were announced. “All of you did a great job. Now, it’s time for our current Student Council members to begin passing the torch to our new winners in the hopes of making next year the most positive and productive yet,” said Mr. Mendlewski. He then announced the winners in grades 9 through 11.

Freshman Class Representative: Dekai Steven Xu ‘23

Sophomore Class Representative: Hengyi Steven You ‘22

Junior Class Representative: Dominque Gooden ‘21

To announce the winners from next year’s senior class, incumbents Tiana Vazquez  ’19  and Steven Muller ’19 were called to the podium. To the cheers of the students, Pierce Pramuka ’20 was announced as the new Senior Class Representative and Heying Helen Shen ’20 as the new Student Council President for 2019-2020.

The Storm King School recognizes the importance of developing leadership skills among our student population and encourages them to participate in self-governance. Joining the Student Council is one important way students can get involved in leading efforts to improve the overall Storm King experience from the student perspective, as well as their own individual journeys. Congratulations to all of the winners and good luck next year.