Student Life

Welcome all students and parents,

For 150 years, The Storm King School has been a thriving community of scholars, athletes, and artists. Our core values of truth, respect, and responsibility bring out the very best in each of our students, both in and out of the classroom.

The Storm King School is a true boarding school - about 70 percent of our students live on campus. The residential experience at Storm King educates the whole student, both in and out of the classroom. The residence experience builds a strong community through evening and weekend activities, such as community service opportunities, arts and cultural trips, hiking and rock climbing at many others. The student activities committee keeps dorm life active with pizza study breaks, dances, concerts, and much more.

Living on campus helps our students to get to know their teachers better because most faculty members also live there. In fact, up to 20 faculty members are active in each dorm as advisers, residents, coaches - and there’s at least one faculty apartment on each floor of every dormitory.

Our focus at SKS is on individual development. Our programs are designed to facilitate that development. We believe that students learn best in a supportive and safe environment, and we challenge our students every day to continue to improve. Please take a look at the exciting descriptions of the activities and opportunities available to SKS students and feel free to contact us with any questions. See you on the mountain!

Al Lewis

Assistant Head of School for Residential Life

Hours spent by students performing community service in the city of Newburgh last year
Hours it takes to reach Grand Central Station in New York City by train from the nearest station (Garrison)
Faculty dogs who call Storm King campus their home
Cell Phones confiscated (and eventually returned) by Mr. Lewis from students who were using them when they were not supposed to

What do our students say?

I love The Storm King School! The wide diversity of the student body encourages me to be open minded and see things from all sides. The small class sizes make me feel like I'm never forgotten. Here I'm not just a student or a member of the crowd; I know everyone and everyone knows me. At Storm King I'm a part of the family.

The Storm King School is an amazing place and one of the best things to have happened to me. The diversity of the students gives you the opportunity to discover many new things and enrich your high school experience. The food is the best high school food I have ever tasted. From the beautiful views to the wonderful people I think the Storm King School is a marvelous place and opportunity for anyone who attends.



The teachers are better than anywhere i have ever been. They are your friends as well as your instructor.

I am so lucky to have attended The Storm King School for the last four years. Before coming here, I didn't have the opportunity to play tennis, but the school gave me the chance and now I may become the captain this year! Teachers are really easy to talk to. They are always there to give you advise on any issues you may be experiencing. I also think that the noodle bar here is amazing!

Storm King is an amazing place to excel academically. The teachers are all so helpful and kind, they help you with whatever you need and are always available to give you more support. The lunch here is great, especially the noodles. We have so many unique learning experiences like going to the art center just down the road! Everyone is so nice and welcoming no matter what. I love The Storm King School!!