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The Storm King School, a global community, prepares students by inspiring them toward academic success and confidence in an inclusive and diverse learning environment that embraces character, balance, and trust.

The School's Motto

Esse Quam Videri—to be, rather than to seem

Core Values

Truth, Respect, Responsibility 

Value Proposition

The Storm King School is a college prep boarding school dedicated to the success of each student. Blending the best of proven educational methods with new and emerging technologies, SKS tailors highly individualized programs to meet the varying needs of each student. At The Storm King School, students are helped to dream big, work hard and achieve success, each in his or her own way.


  • Young people learn best in a personally supportive and safe environment.
  • Students should be assisted in their intellectual, physical, creative and moral growth in order to realize their full potential.
  • A diverse and multi-cultural community provides important learning opportunities for everyone.
  • Students should be guided to develop a strong moral character.
  • An open, receptive environment should be provided, one that respects and encourages the individual ideas and intellectual pursuits of every student and faculty member.
  • Education is a developmental process for each individual.
  • Character development and education are inseparable.
  • The Storm King community should be encouraged to make healthy choices about body, mind and spirit.
  • Arts, athletics, cultural activities, outdoor education and community service enhance life and growth.
  • Respect, dignity and acceptance should be accorded to each individual, regardless of race, creed, gender or orientation.
  • Hiring and retaining the best faculty and administration possible is essential to the well being of the school.
  • Faculty, staff, administrators and students should lead by example.