During the busy week preceding its 151st commencement, The Storm King School took a moment to celebrate the academic achievements of its students. On Thursday, May 30, 2019, the school community gathered in the Walter Reade Jr. Theatre for the Spring Academic Awards Ceremony. In addition to the spring semester awards, four members of the senior class were inducted into the Storm King Chapter of the Cum Laude Society, and juniors received awards and scholarships from New York State officials and several colleges and universities.

In his opening words, Dean of Academics Dr. Timothy Lance explained that the Academic Awards, also called the “Book Awards,” are designed to recognize specific students for their accomplishments in academics as well as fine arts and athletics. “Each student we recognize tonight is committed to the active pursuit of excellence; each has developed habits and attitudes which will serve them well beyond today,” said Dr. Lance. “Our faculty members, who have given many years to working with young people, celebrate this opportunity to lift up and emphasize the ideals of scholarship, creativity, perseverance, and character that are so important to our work and our school.”

Before the awards, Headmaster Jonathan Lamb took a moment to acknowledge a current Storm King Parent–Grace Vazquez P’19. “Tonight’s awards are designed for our students, but I wanted to present the evening’s first award to an SKS parent who has dedicated five years to the Parents Association and served as its president for four. Mrs. Grace Vazquez (P’19) has worked tirelessly to improve the experiences of our students and her efforts have not gone unnoticed,” he explained.

Following Mr. Lamb’s remarks, the chairperson and faculty of each academic department handed out the Book Awards. The audience applauded as the smiling students came up to receive their books from their teachers. The awards marked another great semester of academic achievement at The Storm King School.



Algebra 1: Luke Ciunga ‘23

Algebra 2: Miles Lucas ‘21

Precalculus: A. River Holasek ‘20

AP Statistics: Guillermo Ramos Sanchez ‘19

Advanced Calculus: Jae Hyun Kim ‘20



Physics: Steven Muller ‘19

AP Physics: Emmanuel Davis ‘20

Middle School Science: Angelynna Guzman ‘23

8th Grade Outdoor Adventure: Taya Moreno ‘23

Chemistry: Romee Choi ‘21

Freshman Physics: Carly Neville ‘22

AP Biology: Olivia O’Blaney ‘21



Spanish 2: Miles Lucas ‘21

American Sign Language 2: Sophia Pretto ‘21



Honors British Literature: Huanran Dorothy Mao ‘20

Honors US Studies Literature: Olivia O’Blaney ‘21

Madness in Literature: Leonardo Zhou ‘19

Creative Writing: Liwei Wang ‘20

Science Fiction & Heroes’ Journey: Cem Taviloglu ‘19



Global Studies Art: Jingwen Kristina Huang ’22

Intro to Studio Art: Jianing Flora Cai ‘21

8th Grade Art: Linda Li

Video Production: Siyu Gloria Wang ‘19

Intro to Art: Caroline Hecht ‘19

DigiArt: Hunran Dorothy Mao ‘20



Chorus : David Lu ‘19

Vocal/Solo: Asia Raacke ‘19

Ensemble: Angelynna Guzman ‘23

Music MVP: Alex Neighbors ‘22

Piano: Jingwen Kristina Huang ‘22

Wind Instrument: Yujing Sally Zhang ‘20

Rock and: Jae Hyun Kim ‘20

Dance: David Lu ‘19

Advanced Dance: Asia Raacke ‘19



ASP Chemistry: Mason Popowitz ‘21

ASP Physics: Igor Klimtsov ‘20

ASP Film & Literature: Igor Klimtsov ‘20

ASP Fundementals of English 1: Mason Popowitz ‘21

ASP Base: Jenna Smith ‘20



Comparative Government: A. River Holasek ‘20

Middle School History: Joseph Sullivan ‘23

Global Studies History: Theresa Gormley ‘22

Advanced Macroeconomics: Uzay Polat ‘19

Economics: Person Finance & Business: Tamar Haham McGowan ‘19

Advanced Psychology: Riccardo Semenza ‘19

Psychology: Dias Aidossov ‘21



ESL 1 Literature and Writing: Boxuan Sean Huang ‘23

ESL 2 Intermediate Conversation: Aiping Charlotte Ji ‘23

ESL 2 Intermediate Literature & Writing: Jeff Zhuoran Lin ‘21

ESL Int/Adv Literature & Writing: Yujing Sally Zhang ‘20

ESL Int/Adv Conversation: Kaixing Angelica Li ‘20



Steven Muller ‘19

Riccardo Semenza ‘19

Tiana Vazquez ‘19

Haohui Zheng ‘19



New York State Controller Student Achievement Award for academic excellence and leadership potential: Maria Jose Alacantara Zaldivar ‘20

New York State Attorney General’s Triple C Award for Character, Courage, and Commitment: Rory Tobin ‘20, Noah Mendlewski ‘20

Smith College Book Award (My Life on the Road, authored by Gloria Steinem) for “Academic Potential and Commitment to Making a Difference in their Community”: Maria Jose Alacantara Zaldivar

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award for “Academic Achievement in the Humanities and Social Sciences”: Jordan Golding ‘20

University of Rochester Award for Innovation and Information Technology for “Interest in innovation, info technology, exposure to new tech outside of school, and leading other students to new approaches to old problems”: Jae Hyun Kim ‘20

University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award for “high achievement and rigor in science classes, strong SAT/PSAT math scores and positive contributions to their school and within the larger community”: Emmanual Davis ‘20

University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award and Scholarship for “strong leadership experience at school and in the community, high grades and challenging courses, and extensive involvement in extracurricular activities”: Sophia Grausso ‘20

RPI Medal Scholarship for a member of the junior class who demonstrates potential for success in a challenging academic seting, excels in math and science courses and exhibits significant involvement in extracurricular activites”: Naunet Leonhardes-Barboza ’20