Storm King’s Literati Strikes Again!

The English Department at The Storm King School has been busy once again this year doing what it does best– educating young literary enthusiasts to become published authors and poets.  At the forefront is Storm King’s Creative Writing class which allows juniors and seniors to analyze the works of famous writers and poets while they create, produce, present, and publish their own works from start to finish.

This year, the list of Storm King’s student literati is longer than ever, with 12 new students and their works joining the ranks of this accomplished group.

Short Stories and Poems

Walking Down the Blue – Jae Hyun Kim ‘20

Scattered Shadows of Light – Ricardo Semenza ‘19

Mi Coleccion – Rodrigo Toledo Mijares ‘20

Lord’s Morse Code – Tsun Wa Suen ‘19

The Melody of Life – Constanza Siclari ‘19

The Stories I Could Tell – Guy-Paul Delisfort ‘20

The Storm King Years – Matthew Pelton ‘20

The Curious Life – Misha Medvedev ‘19

Guillo the Unknown – Guillo Jouvin ‘19

Children’s Books

The Land of Magic Animals – Holly Corish ’19

What a Wonderful World – Jiaqi Ding ’20

Sheep Barbra Travels the World – Maria Nowosielska ’20

Congratulations to these students who put a great deal of effort into their publications. Many thanks go to Storm King’s English Department and to all of our talented students whose continuous efforts have put The Storm King School on the literary map as a destination for aspiring young writers and poets. Their works can be found on as e-books, and soft and hardcover editions. Selections from this latest series of published stories and poems will also be presented by the students during SKS’ annual Spring Arts Weekend in April 2019.