We are pleased to announce that The Storm King School has chosen Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms as our uniform partner for the upcoming school year.

We have created a custom website for you with one primary goal in mind – to make your shopping experience simple and stress-free. Please take a moment to read the instructions below.

Tommy Hilfiger


1. Click the “Order Now” button. Enter The Storm King School number (STOR01) and begin shopping.

2. You will be asked for your child’s grade and gender.
Please note: for each product displayed, the website informs you whether the item is Required, Meets Requirement or is an Optional purchase as determined by your school’s administrative team. This feature greatly streamlines and simplifies your shopping experience.
Required: You are required to purchase this particular style (you may have a choice of colors/logo may be required)
Meets Requirement: Your school is offering a choice of product styles, but at least one is required (for example, you may be offered the choice between two approved styles of polo shirts.)
Optional: You are not required to purchase this particular item, but your school has approved the item for classroom wear.

3. The website will also inform you which products require a school logo as well as those products for which a logo application is optional as determined by your school’s administrative team. For further questions in regards to appropriate attire during the school day please refer to The Storm King School’s Student Handbook.

4. Once you have identified a product for purchase, select your color, logo, and quantity.

5. If you have questions about sizing, click on the Simple Sizing Guide link, and follow the instructions. If you still have questions after using our Simple Sizing Guide, please call the toll free customer service number below. Our customer service team will be happy to assist. You will then be ready to select the correct sizes with confidence.

6. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received. Oncer your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirming ship date and tracking information.

7. Your order history will be stored in your account, and you can come back to the website anytime, 24/7, to place additional orders.

Your custom Tommy Hilfiger School Uniform website is open for ordering . For all customer service questions, please call 877.825.2860 – 24/7 (Customer Service available in Spanish)