Strategic Vision

In January 2012, the Storm King Board of Trustees and the School’s administration approved a long-term vision for the School which will serve as a framework for strategic planning in the coming decade from 2012-22. This process included the creation of a Campus Master Plan that was revised in 2017. Following are the key ideas and areas of focus which grew out of this process.

Who We Are

The Storm King School is a vibrant, innovative college preparatory boarding and day school dedicated to the success of each student. Blending the best of traditional educational methods with new and emerging technologies, our school brings together students from around the world to develop the character and skills necessary to live, work, and continue to learn in the global community. The Storm King School tailors programs to meet the varying needs of our students with character development at the center of our educational experience. At Storm King, students are inspired to “dream big, work hard, and achieve success,” each in their own way.

Vision Statement

Over the next decade, The Storm King School will continue to develop as an energetic community of thoughtful and inquisitive students benefiting from the best aspects of its tradition as an intimate, college-preparatory school blended with emerging educational imperatives and innovations made possible by new technologies. The Storm King School will further solidify its reputation as a school of student-centered excellence – one that focuses upon fulfilling the individual potential of each student. In a supportive, caring community, our students will continue to develop the skills, values and habits of mind that will enable them to assume future positions of responsible leadership in a global, 21st century society.

Governance and Leadership

The Storm King School will continue its development of a strategic and forward-looking Board of Trustees to ensure the Board and the School continue to thrive.


To ensure that our program is vibrant and relevant while it achieves the current expectations of its NYSAIS and MSA accreditations, The Storm King School will continue to develop and enhance its offerings to meet the needs of an international and culturally-diverse student body. The School will also ensure that the program remains focused on the School's mission, a distinct unity of purpose, and student-centered excellence.

Campus Facilities & Grounds

To further compete with peer schools and take full advantage of its location in the heart of the Hudson Highlands, The Storm King School will work to ensure that its facilities and grounds match the beauty of the surrounding landscape while it meets the current and emerging needs of the School in a timely manner.

Marketing and Communications

The Storm King School will continue to develop its focused approach on brand and identity with a multi-channel, in-bound marketing strategy to ensure the widest possible audience is reached.


To ensure that it's the best school it can be, Storm King will continue to grow prudently, and stabilize enrollment with mission-appropriate, domestic and international students. A key goal is to maximize the number of students in our population for whom Storm King is the best choice.

Alumni, Parent, and Community Relations

 As a school with a 150-year legacy, in order to foster a greater sense of community and shared purpose within the Storm King family, the School will continue to build stronger ties to alumni, families and friends.


The Storm King School will work to incorporate measurable philanthropic ‘best practices’ into its resource development function. A key goal will be to cultivate and strengthen relationships with all stakeholders, alumni, parents, and community members with the aim of raising the awareness of and encouraging philanthropic participation in support of Storm King's values and mission.

Business and Operations

The Storm King School will continue to modernize campus systems and operations to generate a sustainable and secure future through forward-looking business practices.