Jeremy FreemanFrom the Dean of Faculty, Mr. Freeman

Why the Podcast?

I had the idea a while back to record and interview teachers here at SKS as a way of sharing ideas and sparking some conversation about teaching and the clever and unique ways we practice our Art. Days slip away so quickly living on the boarding school schedule and while we work together, it never feels like there is enough time to talk with each other in depth about the work we do and what motivates us to do it. Also just talking about teaching and ideas related to teaching helps sustain the flow of inspiration so critical to good teaching. No two teachers are the same and I want to celebrate the individualism and free thinking we encourage among the faculty here at Storm King.

The Podcast format seemed like format  to build community, to promote reflective conversation, and to help the faculty and greater community get to know each other better. After searching through several Youtube videos and Mac discussion boards, I figured out how to do some basic recording and editing, but I have a long way to go when it comes to the fine tuning. If you are a recording aficionado, I hope I do not offend your ears. Nonetheless I believe the listener might be rewarded with some insights into who teaches here and the effort they put into helping educate our students. Enjoy!

Paul Feffer, Science Chair

August 23, 2016

Paul Feffer is probably one of the most interesting and knowledgeable people you can talk to here at SKS. (After all the year book superlatives listed him "the most intelligent".) What is "Model-based Teaching"? Will our students be equipped to face the challenges present in the world they inherit? Has NASA definitively proven that climate change is human caused? Listen to what Dr. Paul Feffer has to say on these topics.

Luke Sollami, English Department

August 23, 2016

"About to begin his second year teaching science at Storm King, Luke Sollami, an SKS Alumnus, is no stranger to the community here on the mountain. Hear Luke describe some of the project based learning happening in his classes and his multi-faceted role as teacher, advisor, dorm parent and coach."

Catherine Hecht, ESL Teacher

March 28, 2016

In this episode we hear from Cathy Hecht, one of our ESL instructors (also known as ESOL - English to Speakers of Other Languages). Listening to her talk about her experience teaching our international students, reminds us never to underestimate the power of curiosity and sincerity when it comes to guiding young people academically and socially.

Dr. Tim Lance, Chair of the Math Department

January 15, 2016

Dr. Lance and I sit down down for coffee and a chat in this edition. I thought my ceramic mug was big, but nothing beats his famously voluminous coffee cup! We touch on the ideal sized beverage mug in this episode, as well as the holistic approach to reaching boarding school students and the wisdom of knowing when to pick up and when to put down that fancy calculator.

Robbin Dilley, Science Teacher

January 13, 2016

AP Biology and Environmental Science teacher, Robbin Dilley, joins the conversation on teaching in this episode. Robbin came to Storm King in 2015 having previously taught at Boston Community Leadership Academy. How can teachers create both a rigorous and student-centered classroom? This is a living question for Robbin, and her thoughts on the matter offer a compelling behind the scenes look at the complex and evolving art of teaching.

Zhenya Kiperman, Director of Film/Video Production

December 11, 2015

This episode features another gem from Storm King’s Visual Arts Program, our Director of Film/Video Production Zhenya Kiperman. Like other great thinkers and teachers, Zhenya explains how not-knowing opens a pathway for exploration, learning and creativity.

Molly Meehl, Math Teacher

May 18, 2015

Did you ever suspect that Math teachers were keeping something from us non-Math people, that somewhere they share hidden among themselves all the solutions to every textbook Math problem? Or did you think Math teachers were just plain different, possessing some hopelessly unattainable mathematical knowledge? In Episode 5 we sit down with Math teacher Molly Mehl, on the verge of the completion of her first year at SKS, and we find out, actually, that Molly is in fact one of us.

Jim Bennett, Math Teacher, Soccer coach, Wrestling coach, LaCrosse coach, Study Hall guru...

May 3, 2015

Where’s Jimbo? In this episode we sit down with Math Teacher, Soccer coach, Wrestling coach, LaCrosse coach, Study Hall guru, Jim Bennet. Who wouldn’t want a little dose of Jim's energy and optimism? Well into his first year teaching at Storm King, this guy is all over campus (the “Where’s Waldo” of Storm King)--says he wakes up excited everyday, but the path he followed to teaching was not without some struggle.

Patrick Martha, Chinese and English Teacher, Cross Country Coach

May 1, 2015

A gamer, not a shamer--if you are lucky enough to be in one of Patrick’s classes, he just might trick you into writing an essay without your realizing it. Hear all about his literature board game “Monstrosity”™ and the secrets of warping time and space in the classroom.

John Carruthers, Chair of the Arts Department

May 1, 2015

How do you get the class’s attention? Well, according to John, a little rock and roll stage presence goes along way. Listen as John tries to describe a 3-D printer to someone who does not know what one is exactly. (I since went on youtube and now the “glue gun on steroids” metaphor makes perfect sense.) And I finally find out what's up with his cool snake ring. Turns out he is not a wizard, but I still have my doubts.