The Cornerstones of SKS Education

We develop more than our students’ knowledge of academic disciplines. Our curriculum is a whole entity rooted in excellence and values, and generated through all aspects of student life in our school. While preparing our charges for college, we build character and grit, as well as academic knowledge and skills; we shape young people to be fully responsible and engaged citizens of our community as well as those in which they will live and work. The diagram below illustrates the inter-connections within our community life.



We ask our students to develop the ability to sustain effort in the face of academic challenges. We help our students build “grit.”

Our students read regularly, write often, collaborate well, and have an inquiring mind. They discover how they learn, and what tools they require to accomplish their work. Our students pursue knowledge beyond the surface and understand what they know deeply, and what they do not. We wish our students to be thoughtful and self-reflective at times – to pursue wisdom and learn to see through ideas driven by mere opinion.

We teach students to use the language of mathematics and demonstrable evidence; as a writer or artist might as they resolve a problem of aesthetic. We help students gain the confidence to publish, perform, or show others what they know.

Our students come to understand how to use the tools of technology, but also to know when to put them away and how to operate without technology.


The Arts

Art is about seeing different perspectives, effectively communicating ideas, and finding inventive solutions to problems – all essential skills for future leadership. Therefore, Art is a key aspect of a Storm King education. Every student takes art classes, and student art is part of almost every aspect of campus life.

The renowned arts program at The Storm King School boasts an accomplished faculty, state-of-the-art technology, and a variety of exciting courses to inspire interest and stimulate creativity. From stagecraft to music production, graphic arts to modern dance, with everything from choral singing to playwriting in between, we offer dynamic instruction in theater arts, visual arts, music arts, music technology and filmmaking.


Physical fitness / healthy lifestyle

Through athletics, our students learn valuable lessons about sportsmanship, leadership, and general good behavior that they can apply to all other areas of life.

Our students not only compete at a high level, but also personify the core values of our school; truth, respect, responsibility. Character development is at the heart of the athletic program at Storm King. Each student participates in at least two seasons of athletic activities during the academic year. 

SKS Senior Alex Gillespie recites the NHS definition of leadership


Our school’s motto is TRUTH, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY. We expect students to value these as cornerstones in the development of their own character and intentionally practice them as members of our community.

We expect students to emerge as leaders in their classrooms, as captains on the athletic fields, and as leaders in all activities on campus.

Eduardo Pena, left, and 
Daniel Moreno, right, help their student build a rocket with straws


The goal of community service is to teach students that there is value and satisfaction in being contributing members of society. Community service helps to build character and self-confidence, a sense of place in relation to the rest of the world, and a sense of responsibility for the common good. 

The value of completing community service is that it extends learning from the classroom into both our SKS community and into our larger communities outside the SKS campus; students practice skills and develop passions that may play a part in their college and career choices as they provide service to others.