Famous Storm King Artists

Walter Reade Jr. ('35)
Walter Reade Jr. ('35)President of Walter Reade Organization
Jack Hemingway ('41)
Jack Hemingway ('41)Writer, conservationist, son of great American author Ernest Hemingway
Mac Gayden ('58)
Mac Gayden ('58)Country Music Star best known for writing the hit song 'Everlasting Love'


Balazs Szabo ('63)
Balazs Szabo ('63)Hungarian-born artist and author
David Parks ('69)
David Parks ('69)American photographer, film director, publicist, and author
Steven Zirnkilton ('76)
Steven Zirnkilton ('76)American actor, known for providing the opening narration of all US shows in the Law & Order franchise
Wally Pfister (’79)
Wally Pfister (’79)Academy Award winning cinematographer, director
Paris Hilton (did not matriculate)
Paris Hilton (did not matriculate)American socialite, television personality, model, actress, and singer
Stephen Paley ('60)
Stephen Paley ('60)Photographer, radio producer, television producer, music supervisor and actor