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Join us! Every dollar you donate to The Storm King Fund brings us closer to reaching our annual fund goal of $230,000. With your help, we will place an SKS flag firmly at the summit by the end of our fiscal year June 30, 2017.

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Thank you to those who have contributed to The Storm King Fund this fiscal year:

Class of 1940
David H. Van Dyck
Class of 1941
Lynne T. Greene
Class of 1945
Wesley & Dianne Gardiner
Class of 1948
Herbert Gelhardt III
Class of 1950
Martin Kennedy
John F. Settel
Class of 1951
Lionel Rowe
Class of 1952
Daniel M. Loh
Lawrence H. Smith
Class of 1953
Gustav Eckilson
William Perry
Donald H. Potter
Class of 1954
Richard Broughton
Robert Williams
Class of 1955
Robert Chen
Class of 1956
Harrison M. Davis III
W. Barry Lorch
Class of 1957
George & Martha Tholken
Class of 1958
Thomas Delaney
Peter Duggan
Class of 1959
Sayre Litchman
Class of 1960
Brian A. Harrington
Pemberton Lincoln, Jr.
Michael Spitz
John F. Sweeney
Class of 1961
Robert Bicknell
Haddon C. Carryer
Stephen J. Faber
Jeffrey Edinburg
Class of 1962
Kenneth Bijur
John A. Gilchrist
Frederic Milne
Greg & Joan Shea
Class of 1963
Michael A. Brower
John H. Garrett III
Roger A. Kaufmann
Nicholas Pisarro , Jr.
Jeffrey L. Patchen
Class of 1964
Anthony Bissell
Alan M. Coleman
Richard E. Slimak
Class of 1965
Oliver Quayle
Ken Stuart
Timothy Terry
Class of 1966
Robert V. Brawley
Robert Monsted
Class of 1967
William Wood
Class of 1969
Paul S. Jerry

Thomas Leeds
David C. Ray
Class of 1970
James Factor

John Haspel
Robert Littman
H. James Perlberg
Michael Roberts
Class of 1971
Howard W. Arnold
Douglas H. Burg
Steve Duffy
Colin Elgood

Thomas Mangan
Frederick P. Reynolds
Steven D. Singer

Jack Downing

Class of 1972
Francis Broadway
Lynn Crevling
Robert & Patricia Docherty
Wray D. Farmin
David Feltman
Ken Goldwasser
Peter Lamb
Sunchai Rajadhon
Kenneth J. Ryan
Jen S. Wang
Class of 1973
Scott Cantor
George Klein
Doug Sperling
Peter E. Wunsch
Class of 1974
Jonathan (Andy) Broh
Douglas Farr
Tom & Jennifer Hillman
Jonathan Keeve
Jerome O'Neill
Class of 1975
Jonathan Babcock
Anthony Cahill
James W. Houstoun
Ivan Keesey
Arthur Reis
Class of 1976
Howard Marks
Andrew C. Powell
Class of 1977
Dana Crevling
John Franzen
John Meynardie
Stanley Schiffman
Class of 1979
Amy O. Bright
Class of 1980
Philie K. Chan
Class of 1981
Thad Steward
Class of 1982
Jeff S. Hirschberg
Class of 1986
Elizabeth Gaudet
Class of 1988
Steven Curran
Class of 1989
Michael Rosenblatt
Class of 1992
Carey Greene Bien
Ross Sober
Class of 1994
Christine & Rob Watson
Class of 1995
Vallea Woodbury
Class of 1996
Jenna Esposito-Cannazzaro
Class of 1997
Steven Gross
Class of 2004
Zachary Smith
Class of 2008
Luke Sollami
Class of 2009
Sarah Fulton

Spencer Jackson
Class of 2014
Dominique DeFreece

Class of 2015
Gabrielle Garcia
Class of 2017
Sam Burakovsky
Sandy Chen
Dalibor Hanes
Yunqui Liu
Fillipo Semenza
Hung Tran

Current Grandparents
Elda Maxis
Helen Hecht
Current Guardians
Howard Baker & Jenn Zhao
Current Parents
Maria Borbon Bours
Sylvia Cotto & Dinah Pretto
Josh and Heidi Jemal
Mark & Suzanne Katz
Julie Kent
Dr. and Mrs. John Kim
Monte & Miledi Martin
Jay & Shellie Pomeroy
Steve & Jennifer Schneider
Alisa Swire
Doug & Jasmine Zucker
Past Grandparents
Irwin Seeman
Past Parents
Debra Cerami
Angelo & Mary Ferraro
Irving & Muriel Fischer
Michael & Lois Friedman
Michele & Jake Lindsay
Philip McDermott
Edward J. Merrell
John & Janet Moyer
Arnold S. Penner
Elaine Stillwell
Frederick & Nora WIlson
Current Trustees
Roger Auerbacher '66
Ila Barton '92
Michele DeFreece
Lon Gratz '61
Bruce Hanson '62
Myles Megdal
Scott Rutter '73
Alan H. Serinsky '70
Past Faculty/Staff
Jack D’Angelo
Paul E. Davis
Scott Hunt
Ken O'Connor
Kaplan Family Foundations
Linus R. Gilbert FDN
Norma Gilbert Farr FDN
Parker Hannifin
Cynthia Bell-Bucha
Margaret Griswold
Mark Guido
Jim & Margaret Harbison
Rocco and Debby Landesman
Harry B. Marshall, Jr.
George Muser
Thomas Smidt II
Lucy Swift

James M. Bennett
Kristen Barbosa
John Carruthers
Paul Feffer
Taras Ferencevych
Jeremy Freeman
Anne Fulton
Joseph Graziosi
Nancy Greenhill
Michael D. Hauser
Harold Heno
Kevin & Jeanette Jacobson
Hamed Kandil
Amelia Kolach
Marge Kovacs
Jonathan Lamb
Jim Leppla
Alan S. Lewis
Patrick Martha
Jeanette McMahon
Molly Meehl
Marek & Mika Pramuka
Peter Rowe
Karen Ruberg
Toni Scherrer
Lisa Shrem
Jamie Smith
Denise Sollami
Kathy Syversten
Elizabeth Taviloglu
Ellen Van Dunk

Worthy of sharing...

"…I just had to donate today. It's 50 bucks a month or $600 per year. Wish I could do more. Yet no amount of money could represent the gift I received attending SKS for two years. Storm King will forever live in my heart as the school that saved my life."


-Jack Downing '71

"The reason I give is so that other Storm King School students have the same opportunity that I was given.

I want others to avoid going through some of the challenges that I did before finding SKS. I am deeply grateful for the chance I got at SKS. I love Storm King School. That is why I give."


- Michael Fischer '82

"I come from a long line of Storm King School students. My mom, two of my aunts, and cousins all attended. That is one of the reasons why I give, to continue our family legacy- a legacy that I hope will continue for generations to come."


- Madison Sergi '14

“After two years at SKS, I was no longer lost. I established lifelong friendships, including with my educators and mentors. I gained an understanding of the value of accomplishment. I gained the self-confidence that comes from doing things myself, rather than because my parents told me to. I earned the respect of my peers. I held myself to a higher standard. And I carry these measures of success with me every day.”


- Ross Sober '92

Help us reach the summit!