If there is one thing students and alumni always remember about their life at The Storm King School, it’s the food!  Storm King’s chefs and dining staff work hard throughout the year to plan menus and prepare dishes our students love, and this summer is no different. According to Storm King’s Director of Food Services and Executive Chef Andrew Comey, our new and returning students and faculty will enjoy some new changes and even more great food when they return to campus later this month.

“The first thing everyone will notice is the updates we’ve done within the dining hall itself,” explains Chef Andrew. “Along with new and comfortable dining chairs, we have installed new lighting which will help to brighten things up, especially during our formal dinners and evening events. We’ve also rearranged some of the important food stations in the seating area. For example, we’ve done away with the salad island and installed a large, in-line salad bar next to the beverage machines along the rear wall. We have also relocated the noodle bar to the upper rear corner of the dining hall. This will help improve the traffic flow during our busiest hours and give us even more room to offer a greater variety of food choices.”

Chef Andrew is also excited to announce that the beloved Noodle Bar will be serving more than just Asian fusion noodles this fall. As a reflection of the School’s diversity, his plan is to offer cuisine from all over the world with a series of ‘themed days,’ including Vietnamese Pho, Italian specialties, Mexican foods like fajitas, and more. “We will also welcome another new chef on staff, bringing the total to four which will ensure everything is delicious and runs smoothly,” says Chef Andrew.


Chef Andy


Another exciting change this fall is increased student involvement in menu planning and food choices. “A committee has been instituted involving myself and the president and vice president of the student council. We will meet several times a month to talk about food. I welcome this effort by Student Council President Helen Shen ’20 and Senior Class Representative Pierce Pramuka ’20. I need help from the students so I can give them what they want,” explains Chef Andrew.

Along with these new changes, diners will continue to enjoy daily soups, hot lunch and dinner choices, the deli and sandwich bar, daily vegetarian and gluten-free options, and delectable, hand-crafted desserts Chef Andrew is known for.  “Our ultimate goal, along with offering great tasting food, is our diners’ overall health. That’s why we always incorporate locally-sourced, seasonal, and organic ingredients and cage-free eggs into our menus, and we always consider the dietary needs of each student,” continues Chef Andrew. “With the help of the students and the school community, we hope to make this year the greatest ever when it comes to food.”


Kitchen staff sitting down to a well earned lunch