Alumni President's Message

I’ve had a dream, a memory that schoolmates and teachers are standing on top of the Commons building. It is sunrise and they are all pointing to the sun beginning to shed light on the mountain.

It is the dream of Storm King School answering the call of the brand new day with strength, courage and beauty, no matter what era, no matter what time.

We have all trudged the well worn campus paths. We’ve sat in classrooms inspired, dreaming, excited by the great literature, history, equations, and discoveries taught by fine teachers challenging us to think, feel, create, question, struggle, and seek our own truth and voice.

We took our places on sports fields, the mountain, the courts. We sweated, strained, pushed, despaired, learned to reach down deep, pulled together and rejoiced. Always together. We have been victors, and always winners. Headmasters have supported us and pushed us to be the very best we could be. In that, we were joined.

We are The Storm King School alumni. We are what all of our current students become. We are the past, present and future. We are The Storm King School.

That dream is real. We did climb to greet the dawn and we, alumni, can carry the vision of greatness, passing it on from year to year, class to class.

Dear alumni, our school is alive and well. Come celebrate and take your place on our rooftop welcoming the brand new day.

Scott Cantor, President
The Storm King School Alumni Association